Volkswagen Victoria

Volkswagen. The People’s Car. The #1 volume sales brand in the world. For over half a century we’ve produced cars for the real world. Whether it’s your first car, or a second car in the driveway, your Volkswagen will quickly become a valuable member of the family.

Since opening our new showroom in 2014, under the guidance of the GAIN Dealers Group, Volkswagen Victoria has enjoyed extraordinary sales success. This is directly attributable to our customer and employee satisfaction. It’s something to smile about.

Volkswagen cars are built to deliver driving pleasure; in fact, we introduced the concept of Fahrvergnügen a few years ago. German engineering is the world standard for excellence. We invest our knowledge and skill into everything we build.

Every Volkswagen likes to come home occasionally. Our factory-trained service technicians understand all facets of your Volkswagen’s DNA. Keeping your Volkswagen serviced to factory specifications will ensure your Volkswagen performs as well as the day it joined the family.

From the Golf to the Touareg, our family of cars is built to accommodate your active lifestyle. The value of a Volkswagen isn’t just reflected in the price; it’s the value of a long-lasting, happy relationship. It’s something to smile about.

3329 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC V8Z 3L2

Phone: 1-250-475-2415 | Fax: 1-250-475-1020
Parts: 1-250-475-1010 | Email:

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Performance Driving

Driving Program is perfect for you. Interested in improving your everyday driving skills? How about learning how best to maneuver your vehicle in any driving situation no matter the road conditions? The Volkswagen Performance Driving Program gives drivers the opportunity to take part in an exciting event on a closed course instructed by our trained professionals, all while learning about the newest vehicle lineups our brand has to offer.

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From the traditional occupations of technicians, receptionists, sales consultants, accountants, and detailers that you would expect to find in an automotive dealer group, to marketing specialists, service appointment coordinators, and driving event instructors, the GAIN Dealer Group is the leader on Vancouver Island for anyone looking for an extraordinary career within the automotive industry.

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