Harmony is important and is achieved through a commitment to unparalleled satisfaction in each of our dedicated businesses.

The GAIN Group represent brands that need no introduction. They have shaped the automobile since its inception in 1886. Alfa Romeo, AMG, Audi, BMW, FIAT, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche,
Subaru, and Volkswagen Automobiles offer their clients customised products, to suit their personal
needs. It is our privilege to allow our clients on Vancouver Island and all over the world to experience
something extra special.

That is the main reason we go further, creating something unique that is, in this form, not found
anywhere else in the world.

Imagine the opportunity to choose the performance brand and the model that suits you perfectly,
always receiving the best service available. Then, being able to drive that automobile the way engineers had in mind when they drew the first lines for that model. GAIN and the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit offer exactly that to their clients and supporters. 350 days a year, driving programs uniquely prepared for the season and facilitated by one of the best groups of driving instructors, are ready to give every driver their attention to every detail driving on a performance track.

And, as another special part of owning something special, enjoy the Villa Eyrie Resort, a world class mountain retreat. The stunning view restaurant was voted one of Canada’s best new restaurants in only its first few months of operations. The Villa Eyrie Resort is the perfect addition to the GAIN Group. 38 unique guest rooms and suites are waiting for you. Relax and recharge.

GAIN Classics and Restoration, formerly Rudi and Company, is another milestone in our group. Rudi Konizcek boasts 40 years of painstaking restorations that have won countless international events, setting record values in auctions around the world. A small group of craftsmen moved in to their new classic centre in 2017, with full support from Rudi and GAIN to set the path, and carry the tradition of automobile restoration on Vancouver Island into the future.

We hope we have piqued your interest. Become a part of a special environment that nurtures the passion for the automobile, past and present, with an exciting future ahead.


GAIN group, Vancouver island.

Mission and Values

The GAIN Group values the standard of each individual working within our dealer group and every client’s point of contact. We have established a set of clearly defined values that are communicated to each individual employed within our dealer group. This will assist our staff in aligning their personal values with our organization’s values and with that serve our cherished clients to the highest standards.

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Live Market Pricing

What is Live Market Pricing? That’s Simple.

Live Market Pricing provides the most competitive prices on all of our
pre-owned vehicles, all the time.

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Preferred Owners Benefits

As a valued GAIN Group customer, we value your loyalty and trust and thus we have created a Preferred Owners Program centred around creating relationships with new clients and fostering existing ones. As a preferred owner, you will receive the following benefits at any of our dealerships.

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